He's a decent guy.

He was raised by his mother, father, and grandmother, all Iranian immigrants. With their home thousands of miles away, they pieced together the moments that made them through stories in both Farsi and English, to give him a sense of the forces and coincidences that became him.

He moved to New Orleans after college, and he hasn't lived anywhere since, because he has excellent taste.

In New Orleans, stories swirl around thick as humidity. So, when Kevin reached the city in his tiny blue Hyundai, he set out to understand it the way he knows best-by learning its history.

And man, New Orleans history is some great stuff.

In the meantime, Kevin's been a teacher, a special events planner, an embroiderer, a barber, a prepared meal chef, an Uber driver, a film set caterer, a woodworker, and an Airbnb host. He knows his way around New Orleans pretty well, and he knows what people like to see and do when they visit town.

The culmination is Sidewalk Side Tours. It is an extension of the process Kevin has used to understand himself and the places that life takes him. With any walking tour, you'll understand what New Orleans is. With Sidewalk Side, you'll understand why New Orleans is the city that it is--and why it matters.

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